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Reiki Classes


Reiki Level I Training:


You will learn:
The history of Reiki
The different ways of utilizing Reiki
The 5 Principles of Reiki
The 7 Main Chakras
How to give a full treatment to yourself and others
The hand positions for self-treatment
The hand positions for treating others
Reiki Level I Manual
You will receive Reiki Level I Attunement
A congratulating Certificate

Reiki Level II Training:


You will learn:
A review of Level I
Time for questions and answers
Three of the Reiki symbols and how to use them
Using the symbols to send Distant Reiki
Scanning and Beaming
How to focus Reiki on specific physical and emotional issues
How to send Reiki into the past or future
Reiki Level II Manual
You will receive Reiki Level II Attunement
A congratulating Certificate



Reiki Master/Teacher Training:


A review of Reiki Level I and II, with the opportunity for questions and answers
The Master Symbol
The Master Attunement
How to teach a class
Hands on practice to pass on Attunements
Techniques on house clearing and Reiki grid work
How to set-up a Reiki Business
The Master Manual
Your well-deserved Master Certificate

Class Calendar:

Classes are taught by appointment only. Please contact for information.

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